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  • “I am a Great Chef and a Great Person
  • “I Care about my Fellow Man.”
  • “I am Helping in the Fight to rid the World of Cancer.”
  •  “I have taken the Opportunity that Cancer Fighting Chefs, International has given Me, to learn about Foods that Prevent Cancer.”
  • “I NOW have a Voice in the delivery of Life Saving Foods.”
  • “I NOW take an active part in Helping to Prevent Cancer Around the World.”
  • “I am Grateful for the Opportunity to share Life Saving information with my fellow Chefs.”

You Can Become a Great Chef and a Great Person.
Cancer Fighting Chefs, International


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This organization has been created with the HOPE that the MEMBERS will promote CANCER PREVENTING INGREDIENTS as part of their daily activities in the food industry.  We are happy to offer ***FREE*** membership to the following: Eating Establishments (Restaurants), active and retired Professional Chefs, persons in the food industry who do not work in the kitchen, restaurant owners and managers, restaurant writers and restaurant reviewers, suppliers, food producers and distributors, food enthusiasts and persons interested in chefs activities.


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