“Cancer Fighting Chefs International” is a worldwide organization consisting primarily of Professional Chefs. It was founded by Chef Richard Lombardi in December of 2010, while being treated for Hodgkins Lymphoma.
The organization has a major internet presence and maintains a website at www.cancerfightingchefsinternational.org.
The organization is supported by advertising revenue, job listing revenue and profit from website sales. Advertising opportunities are available on the site, on merchandise and at public appearances made by “The Cancer Fighting Chef.”  FREE memberships are granted to Professional Chefs.

In order to establish that there is a need for “The Cancer Fighting Chef” we have done extensive research to identify organizations founded to investigate, identify and educate in the area of foods that fight cancer.  We have found a number of good organizations, some founded many years ago, that fill the role and provide information linking nutrition generally and ingredients specifically to cancer prevention. Their education effort is directed mainly toward the consumer.  It leaves them to make changes in old eating habits and it leaves them to search out knowledge and make choices with limited outside assistance. There is no need to duplicate those efforts.

“Cancer Fighting Chefs International” has taken the unique position of dedicating it’s full effort to EDUCATE Professional Chefs in the area of food choices for effective cancer fighting.  Who better to carry on this battle than those companies and individuals involved in all aspects of food production, handling and preparation.

The public can look to “The Cancer Fighting Chef” for education and guidance in making good choices of foods and The Professional Cancer Fighting Chefs Internationally, can create recipes and menu items that make available Cancer fighting ingredients at eating establishments world wide.